Sinead Rooney  BSc LCPH LCKT MANM - Homeopath, CEASE, CKT & CoRe Bioinergetix Resonance - Cambridge
Homeopathic remedies
Homeopathy is a holistic therapy using natural remedies to help the body get back to health. It is highly effective in prompting the innate, life-preserving instincts and abilities of the body, thereby restoring balance. Remedies are potentised mineral, animal and plant essences, without side-effects and deeply restorative.
How do the remedies work?
Homeopathic remedies are not just highly diluted, they have also undergone a process called ‘succussion’ which increases the energy of the substance between serial dilutions. This produces a medicine which is highly potent on an energetic level without the problems of a physical chemical. All living beings are composed of energy, which is individual within ourselves, but also universal within our bodies; i.e. every cell, no matter which organ it belongs to, has the same energy running through it. This is where the remedies take effect and the effect ripples throughout the body.
Are the remedies safe?
Because of the high dilution there is no toxicity and so remedies are safe for babies, pregnant women and the infirm. Remedies are sourced from nature; from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.
What can I expect during a consultation?
We will talk about your current complaint and your history. I will also be interested to hear about your family as we inherit much of our constitution from our parents and grandparents. After taking note of your symptoms I will give you the remedies that match and help those symptoms.The remedies when taken, will stimulate the body's own healing ability and can be used to help physical as well as emotional issues, no matter how long they have been there.
What can I expect after treatment?
As chronic illness is a form of suppression in the body as described above, the process of becoming healthy involves release and unsuppression - hence there can be a short-term worsening of symptoms or a brief return of old symptoms. As this is part of a healing process the symptoms are usually brief and less intense than when you had them before. This may happen after both homeopathy and CKT. These symptoms are not side effects but an effect of your body clearing harmful toxins, emotions and previously suppressed illnesses. Once those symptoms have subsided you should start to feel much better overall. Patients normally feel a greater sense of well-being, vitality and calm.