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Sinead's understanding of Homeopathy is outstanding and the delivery of her treatment is wonderful, I would go as far to say "life changing". Over the years Sinead has helped me and my family with health issues that weren't resolved using conventional medicine and the results have been amazing, ranging from sleep to skin conditions and general well being. I always feel energised after a visit to Sinead and her ability to translate the terminology means I have a better understand of my family's health moving forward. I always use Sinead as a point of reference for questions relating to my children's health in particular as she looks at them as individuals rather than generic children falling into age specific categories. Sinead's gentle manner is always so reassuring and I would recommend her to anyone considering homeopathy. If I had a little black book of elite people - Sinead would be the first entry. Rebecca

Hi Sinead, I hope you are well. At long last, I have the time to drop you a line and let you know how I am doing with my gluten/dairy intolerance for which you gave me homeopathic, CoRe and CK therapies some months ago. But at least I am able to write with confidence that you had effected a cure! I no longer feel bloated all the time (I didn't realise how bad it had been!), I don't urgently need the loo when I have eaten wheat or dairy, and I feel a lot better in myself. I am back on wholemeal wheat now as well, which to me is the real litmus test. You also treated me for the effects of mercury poisoning and the reaction to my polio vaccine, and I am pleased to say that my right leg continues to feel stronger than it used to and even my lower back seems somehow more balanced. So: Mission accomplished. Many, many thanks and well done! I will definitely be in touch with you again should I have another health problem that needs dealing with, and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. Have a good Christmas break, Best Regards, Julian.

Dear Sinead, just a quick note to say thanks for helping William. We followed the pre and post MMR course of remedies you prescribed and 3 weeks later we have no side-effects or any ill-effects. I know many children who have particularly suffered with this set of jabs and Will is fine so thank you. I also want to mention the hayfever tablets you prescribed earlier in the summer, his watery eyes and nose stopped within a week. Many thanks, Jess.

I first started seeing Sinead when I was having a bitter struggle with anxiety and depression. She was recommended to me by a close friend of mine and after I met her for the first time, I was struck by the depth of her knowledge and compassion. She had a much greater understanding of my situation than all the doctors I had seen in the past had. With her guidance and unending patience! I started out on the long journey to recovery. She literally supported me every step of the way and taught me to support myself through the remedies she gave me. She is a very talented, knowledgeable practitioner and superb homeopath. I thoroughly recommend her!


My 5 year old son Thomas was suffering with very loud snoring which affected his sleep and mine, so I took him to Sinead to see if homeopathy could help. She gave him a remedy to take and the snoring stopped, which was a great relief to us all! Better than this though were the comments from his teacher who said that his concentration and attention had vastly improved, we hadn't realised that his poor sleep was having such a deep affect on him. She said he was like a different child.

Debora Wittaker, Norwich.

(Note from Sinead - the remedy that Thomas recieved also treats attention and concentration problems, so the improvement may have been directly from taking the remedy or a result of better quality sleep.)

To whom it may concern,

As a concerned mother who has serious reservations about immunisations, yet fearful also for my baby daughter not to have them, I sought advice from Sinead Rooney who provided me with clear objective advice about the pro’s and cons of each vaccination and offered me a solution which brought me great ease in making the difficult choice to the ‘Do I / don’t I have my child vaccinated’ question. It seemed to be a perfect compromise…

By giving my daughter a series of homeopathic remedies supplied by Sinead, before and after each vaccination, I felt safe in the knowledge that her delicate system was being supported, and her trauma reduced. I believe that Madeleine came through the process with minimum upset, and my worry of negative side-effects was greatly reduced.

I thoroughly recommend Sinead Rooney as a homeopathic practitioner with the utmost ability and professionalism.

Yours sincerely,

Sally Sneddon

I have been using Homeopathic medicine for a number of years. I contacted Sinead when my previous Homeopathic provider retired. In completing a health questionnaire when I attended my first appointment I disclosed that as well as the problem that I had been receiving treatment for I had developed ED ( erectile dysfunction ) I had been in contact with my normal Doctor (male ) who wasn’t either particularly helpful or sympathetic following a number of tests I was diagnosed with venous leakage.

He prescribed Viagra or Cialis both of which caused me adverse effects, at this stage no further help was available. This was very concerning for both my wife and myself.

Sinead at our first meeting was very sympathetic and listened to my concerns, I found her compassion most helpful and she understood my male concerns in being unable to obtain an erection. Over the period of time Sinead reviewed my situation, we tried several natural remedies to try and find a way for me to obtain an erection without the side effects that Viagra & Cialis had caused me.

The problem I have is a fairly acute one, Sinead’s perseverance in tracking down a remedy that now enables me to obtain an erection without any side effects is fantastic.

I recommend Sinead who has been brilliant with her professionalism, support and perseverance in solving my problem.

Many thanks


From a patient who came to me in February 2010 with Bell's Palsy, this postcard arrived from Germany in June 2010.

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