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This method was developed using homeopathy to detox children and adults on the autistic spectrum with impressive and heart-warming results.



This particular page is information for parents to help their children and includes advice which will be given during a consultation. Homeopathic treatment to detoxify chemicals is crucial to the treatment as these are what are believed to be the elements having a direct affect on the brain. Omega 3's, zinc, magnesium and Vitamin C, are essential nutrients to protect the body and enable the detoxification process. Also very importantly: the effects of sugar on the gut and thereby the rest of the body including the brain, also plays a huge part.

The advice given here can make a big improvement to your child’s health and emotional development, but it can be difficult to make these changes and to give supplements to a child with autism so please do not despair if this is the case. Homeopathic remedies can be given in a small granule or in water and the program can begin with just remedies if that is all that can be done. The others can be added as and when they are acceptable to your child.



Free 15 minute consultations are available if you would like to meet Sinead before making a commitment.

Autism Therapy 

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