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Energy Healing

In 2008 Sinead trained in energy healing with Anne Jones on the beautiful Greek island of Ikaria. This healing therapy can be practiced when there is a need to release blocks, cut cords, heal scars and imprints from your past, hence dissolving the resulting anger, bitterness, doubt, insecurity, fear and low self esteem that may be troubling you and affecting your work, relationships and personal happiness.



The treatment takes place in a calm and gentle space where you will feel confident and secure. We discuss your needs and what you would like to change and recieve help with before we begin the healing, which is normally performed with you seated in a comfortable chair. Clearing negative energy takes place first, this can be negative energy picked up by other people's behaviour towards you or things you have done yourself. Vows and promises which you have made but are detrimental are released, because they keep you caught in a pattern of behaviour or thought and possibly linked with people who are not good for you. Limiting beliefs also prevent you from moving forward and can be let go during this treatment.



The healing which follows brings in healing energy.



You may feel emotional during the clearing process and the subsequent healing but overall a general feeling of wellbeing, peace and calm is experienced.

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