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A case of diabetes

Posted on June 1, 2011 at 1:19 PM

I thought it might be helpful to hear about the kind of cases that I work with and the effects that have been possible.

I have been working with a very lovely man with a chronic condition complicated by Type 1 diabetes - insulin dependent. He came for treatment because of trembling in his arms which restricted his independence in being able to eat, drink, use the phone etc. The diabetes had come on after steroid treatment 2 years before. The remedies I gave him were focused on the symptoms he presented with including the diabetes as it was part of his condition but I didn't know how much effect it would have as the condition had been in place for 2 years.

Over the next few months the trembling in his arms reduced gradually but measurably until 4 months later they were totally stable when he held them out.

More surprisingly and life-preservingly his blood suger levels dropped gradually so that he had to reduce the amount of insulin he was injecting each day until he had to stop injecting entirely. He now has normal blood sugar levels and no longer needs insulin.

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